December 7th Update

The project team has completed a preliminary assessment of existing conditions. Assessment findings can be reviewed in three memorandums prepared for the project and available here :

  • Memo #1: Plans and Policy Review - presents a review of existing plans, regulations, and policies that affect transportation planning in The Dalles Transportation System Plan (TSP) update study area. The review explains the relationship between the documents and planning in this area, identifying key issues that will guide the TSP development process.

  • Memo #2: Goals and Objectives - presents goals, objectives and a draft set of evaluation criteria for the City of The Dalles TSP update. The goals and objectives will help guide the TSP update to ensure key issues are addressed within this process. The evaluation criteria will be used to set policies and identify “preferred alternatives”, which will comprise the list of recommended projects and associated policy, code amendments, and funding actions in the TSP.

  • Memo #3: Existing Transportation Conditions - documents the type, condition, and performance of facilities that provide transportation of people, goods, and services to and through The Dalles in 2015. This document identifies opportunities to improve transportation facilities, including roads, bridges, bike lanes, sidewalks, shared-use paths, rail lines, etc.

The Public Advisory Committee (PAC) and Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) guiding the project met at City Hall on November 18, 2015 to provide feedback and discuss study work and upcoming activities.

The project team will be finalizing the existing conditions analysis documents in December based on feedback received to date. In addition, the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) is finalizing a travel demand model developed to forecast local and regional traffic volume growth over the next two decades. The ODOT modeling results will be used to develop a 20-year forecast of future travel demand and corresponding improvement needs. These results are expected to be presented at the next TAC/PAC and public open house meetings in February. See the meeting details here.

Posted December 7th, 2015